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Mystery Guitar Pickups Pickup For Strat Shaped Objects BARGAIN New Old Stock

Price: $2.99
Out of stock
Item Number: EconStratOne
Manufacturer: Mystery Guitar Pickups
Manufacturer Unknown Mystery Pickup For Fender Stratocaster Shaped Objects New Old Stock Made In Asia A Long Time Ago...

Many years ago I got a quantity of these pickups 'loose' without the original boxes and sold them to a friend. At that time the pickups appeared to be unused New Old Stock. They are still New Old Stock unused but are now in 'shop soiled' condition with some funky stuff you'll have to polish off on the covers. All measured from around 5.5K to 5.9K. Alnico slug magnets are beveled, black fiberboard coil forms. Winding direction is counterclockwise, magnetic polarity is south. All will be shipped with the white cover and mounting hardware as installed at the factory. My best guess is that these pickups were made for Fender Squier in Japan. We are selling each single pickp for just $2.99; buy a bunch for fixing up those 'copy' guitars.
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